About David Woods Firewood

David Woods


We are a supplier of firewood to customers within 20 miles of our sawmill, delivery charges may apply. We have been established as a successful saw mill and forestry contracting business based in Rougham Norfolk, almost equally distanced between North Norfolk, King's Lynn, Downham Market and Watton for over 70 years, providing our services all over Norfolk. In recent years with the rising popularity of wood fuels and sustainable energy that we have seen a demand for our firewood products increase.

David recommends burning one of the many hardwoods that are available in the UK on a wood burner or open fire. Hardwoods are generally more dense than softwood and therefore burn for longer and produce more heat. Hardwoods are also less resinous than softwoods and are therefore less likely to result in a build up of tar deposits in your flue, reducing its efficiency or increasing the risk of a flue fire. As a solely family run business, now on the third generation, we take great care in providing a quality product with reliable customer service.

As an economical method of supply, we are able to offer loose tipped loads of firewood tipped direct on your property. This is available in 2m³ and 3m³ loads, loose measure. Prices will include delivery within our standard delivery area. Due to the current high demand for firewood we cannot guarantee the moisture content. Our loose hardwood logs are a mixture of species including ash, beech, oak, silver birch and sycamore.

We can delivery within 25 miles of the sawmill, located at Rougham and this includes, for example: -


Burnham Market

Downham Market





King’s Lynn


Raynham (South, East and West)


Walpole (St Andrew, St Peter, Highway and Cross Keys)