Do we deliver near you?

Providing your delivery point is within our 25-mile Delivery Zone**, this will be free for Full Tipper and Medium Tipper loads.   A small charge would be made for delivery beyond this zone (charge to be discussed at time of order).


What products do you sell?

Our range includes dry, seasoned hardwood logs in different sizes with two different load sizes, with bulk orders available to trade.


What is the benefit of using seasoned logs?

By ordering direct from David Woods Firewood, you can be sure that you will be getting fully seasoned logs.   This together with the correct storage of wood as advised below will ensure that you achieve efficiency of burning with its resulting cost saving.  This allows us to meet the requirements of legislation being introduced to avoid the sale and burning of wet wood and coal.

I have been advised to keep my seasoned hardwood logs dry.   Why is this?

By doing this you will ensure efficient burning, achieve significant cost savings, and also mitigate the effects on the environment.   See below our advice on how to do this.


I have been advised to obtain a certificate from my chimney sweep.   Why is this?

Most insurance companies require householders with log/coal burners and open fires to obtain a certificate from their chimney sweep so that house insurance is not invalidated.   It is advisable to check with your insurer as to what is required.


Can I purchase logs for any size of wood/log burner or fire?

By coming direct to David Woods Firewood, you can be sure that your log size is suitable for your individual wood/log burner or fire.   Once cut, our logs are kept under cover and well ventilated to make sure that you receive them in the best condition.   See our advice below on how long and how best to store your logs until they are ready to burn.


Do you produce your own logs?

At David Woods Firewood we purchase hardwood timber in bulk and, with our large site here at Rougham, we can use an efficient storage system to ensure that it is fully seasoned.   Our sawmill has a range of machinery to cut to size and split logs in bulk.   This modern equipment allows us to offer the best possible prices and ensure value for money for our large customer base in North West Norfolk.   Companies sourcing logs from different suppliers cannot always guarantee the quality of their wood.

By buying your logs well in advance and keeping them in a well ventilated store, your can ensure that logs that your log are ready to use them the following autumn/winter.   It is also a good idea to keep a sufficient supply of logs in your fireplace so they are in top condition when you come to burn them.


What is the best way to store my logs?

Efficient storage is essential to ensure your log burner performs at its best.   Protect your logs from rain and snow but ensure that fresh air can pass over them to aid the drying process.   Storing them on old pallets on the floor will assist ventilation.   Make sure that the wet cannot come in from the sides, a simple roofed-in structure with slatted boards to the sides should be just the job.   By keeping your logs dry, you will ensure easy lighting and the resulting clean burning will result in little soot being produced.  As the wood will not need to use its energy to evaporate its own moisture, you will find you get more of the calorific value from the logs and you will see that you need to use fewer logs than when the moisture content is higher.